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"Curiosity is the engine of achievement." - Sir Ken Robinson (2013).

Curiosity, collaboration, courage and commitment are values that I hold strongly. 

My classroom is a place for questions. I am passionate about designing learning environments and experiences inside and outside the classroom which facilitate my students' imagination, curiosity and creativity.

My classroom is innovative. I am excited about preparing my students for a technologically innovative future. I am intentional about developing transferable skills, integrating technology into curriculum lessons, and fostering good digital citizenship. I am also committed to helping my students navigate the challenges around technology use, advocating for a balance instead of creating unrealistic boundaries in today's world. 

My classroom is active. I am a proponent of combining multiple teaching and learning strategies to help my students enhance their understanding - hands-on learning and technology go hand-in-hand in my classroom. 

My classroom has a growth focus. As a lifelong learner, I will help all my students to develop a growth mindset in their approach to learning. The biggest growth opportunities lies not just in making mistakes, but with courage, humility and a sense of humour, learning from them. 

My classroom has global perspective. In an increasingly polarized world, education offers a powerful vehicle to inform and empower youth engagement. I want to play a part in influencing the awareness of our students to issues bigger than themselves through compassion, innovation, and global citizenship.

My classroom is authentic. I bring my own unique life experiences, professional expertise and ideas to my classroom which I hope will benefit the teaching and learning environment, and enhance its culture. Similarly, I know that each of my students has a unique set of experiences which we can all learn from -  I would encourage all my students to see strength in our diversities.

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