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I am a lifelong learner and a teacher at Rundle College in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I love my job and I am inspired by my students every day. 

Originally from Singapore, I have lived on three continents in countries including the UK, Norway, and Hong Kong. My family and I moved to Calgary in 2011 and we love calling Calgary home. I live with my husband and our two children.  As a family, we love travelling and seeing the world. In the winter, we love playing board games indoors and skiing outdoors. In the summer, we love hiking in the mountains and hanging out at the beach.

I am a graduate of the United World College of the Adriatic, where I completed my International Baccalaureate. I have a BSc. in Environmental Policy & Economics from the London School of Economics (LSE) and an MSc. in Science Communication from Imperial College. I completed my B Ed. with a specialization in Elementary Drama from the University of Calgary. I am a fully-certified Alberta teacher.

Besides my family, I have many passions, including reading, knitting, crocheting, sketching and scrapbooking. 

I also have a strong commitment to community building and volunteer for a number of causes which are close to my heart. 

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